Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) / Mixed Reality (MR)
Beyond Imargination.
Now WebExtend has moving toward reality technologies. Many of the giant companies have been involved in these technologies. For examples,
  • Apple's recently released ARKit framework allows millions of iPhone and iPad owners to experience AR.
  • Facebook is working hard to bring VR to wider audiences.
  • Microsoft is using MR to combine virtual objects with the real world.
There are many ways these reality technologies can be used.
1. VR
The most common areas that VR are used: Education, Real Estate, Healthcare, Marketing and Travel.

In Education, VR revolutionize and make the learning experience more interactive and exciting. Whereas in Real Estate, VR can take the buyers to three-dimensional walkthroughs and better understanding of each properties. This experience can facilitate the interaction between the agents and their clients. In Healthcare, VR can help doctors in understanding human anatomy and their patients' needs. These interations are useful especially to train the doctors in surgical training before in real time. VR can help in Marketing also especially in eCommerce. This is because VR can provide people to have a feel of products without leaving their homes. Lastly VR has been heavily used in travel industry. VR can help to promote the destination and attract tourists by showing panoramic images. Tourist can feel what they are paying for. E.g. Google Streeview

2. AR
The most common areas that AR are used: Advertising, Manufacturing, Retail, Navigation and Maintenance and Repair.

Advertising and retail are the quickest area to adapt AR. This technology allows the people virtually try-on the products, such as jewelry, clothes, furniture and etc. Besides advertising, AR also helps manufacturing, maintenance and repair area to reduce human errors, save time and increase efficiency. Lastly AR is useful in navigation. For example, many businesses can use the virtual objects and to overlap the real world to show directions and guide people to their stores or restaurants

3. MR
MR is the enhanced version of AR. The major different between AR and MX is MX allows people to interact with the objects in the AR. The most common areas that MR are used: Communication, Education and Manufacturing.