IT Consulting
Feeling good about making a difference.
The possibilities open to a company wanting an Internet solution are vast, necessitating clear, unambiguous and honest advice on what would best suit your organisation's needs. Would a simple 'corporate brochure' suffice or if the business would thrive from offering customers secure online shopping or complex data manipulation for information sites?

Initially, we aim to gather information on your business, likely customers and prospects with a view to identifying what they would want to see and reconciling this with your expectations of what you wish to achieve. We will then recommend a strategy attempting to meet all demands.

We are able to advise competently on all areas of Internet, Intranet, and Extranet technology and strategy from how to best organise the structure of a website through to full and seamless integration with your back-office applications and computer networks.

We have developed many of these applications for small and large organisations (SME, Corporate and Government), streamlining their business processes and reflecting specific information and/or data within online solutions. A simple example would be an integrated stock control & customer billing application which would not only take care of the day-to-day control of the business, but would also automatically update fields on the public website to reflect, in real-time, levels of stock, customer account information (updatable by the customer), and order tracking.

Once the solution has been completed, we aim to involve ourselves with our clients' continuously evolving requirements in order to amplify and maintain long term website traffic.